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Avant-garde, Experimental, Selecta, Sound collage, Spoken word. Different Fountains. Aux Eaux. Anime, Avant-garde, Beats, Jazz, Selecta. Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Experimental, Selecta. Avant-garde, Dark ambient, Jungle, Selecta. Lawrence Le Doux. Ambient, Avant-garde, Percussion, Selecta. Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Experimental, Field recording.

Avant-garde, Experimental, Industrial, Musique concrete. Ambient, Avant-garde, Downtempo, Leftfield house. Ambient, Avant-garde, Bass, Contemporary. Ambient, Avant-garde, Contemporary, Experimental. Jay Glass Dubs. Spinning Data. Avant-garde, Contemporary, Dub, Electro, Selecta. The Athens-based producer Jay Glass Dubs returns to our station with his first show of , delivering some of his favorite records of late , and a bunch of contemporary gems coming up later this year through such labels as Berceuse Heroique, Bokeh Versions, Fuck Punk, Avon Terror Cops and more.

French Writers and their Society 1715–1800

Kareem Lotfy. Ambient, Avant-garde, Drone, Vocal. Berlin-based producer Kareem Lotfy is back to his Ghourab show, here with a blend of complex electronics, ambient, drone, experimental moves from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Black Zone Myth Chant, Ana Caprix and more. Tamara Goukassova. Radio Poison. Avant-garde, Industrial, Post-punk, Selecta, Synth-wave.

ALYS & LEORA - Paradise of light and shadow [Version Française]

Ambient, Avant-garde, Drone, Selecta, Synth-wave. Collapsing Market. Main Courante. Avant-garde, Breakcore, Chanson, Noise, Selecta. Ambient, Avant-garde, Folk. Benjamin Hill. Invite the Infinite. Avant-garde, Experimental, Selecta, Traditional, World. Ladder Of Primes. Ambient, Avant-garde, Drone, Experimental, Selecta. Avant-garde, Experimental, Harsh electronics. The march of all things led to a logical step in the life of anyone deeply committed to music: being a DJ.

Mise en page livre - Les Éditions du Net

After the fact, Black quickly sealed his vocation and his sets are true energy discharges. Sweat, concentration and a wave of happiness we can feel at a distance. Avant-garde, Experimental, Leftfield, Selecta. Kame House.

Michelle Douglas

Maison Kame. Avant-garde, Classical, Electronic, Experimental. Kame House honchos get back to their bimestrial residency, here with a special episode, focusing on the piano, from its classical uses to the most experimental ones via the Berlin School, new-age movements and more.

Art rock, Avant-garde, Minimal, Psychedelic Rock. Avant-garde, Experimental, Field recording, Selecta, Spoken word. Florian Kupfer. Ambient, Avant-garde, Drone, Tribal. Minou Oram. Avant-garde, Experimental, Jazz, Library. Le Monde Souterrain. Avant-garde, Electronic, Experimental.

Avant-garde, Experimental, Field recording, Modern classical, Selecta. Groovedge Record Store. Ambient, Avant-garde, Leftfield. Ambient, Avant-garde, Modern classical. Avant-garde, Leftfield electronic, Psychedelic Rock, Spiritual jazz. Omeed Norouzi. Dommage Teknique.

Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Leftfield eletronic, Selecta. Avant-garde, Dark ambient, Experimental, Selecta. Les Halles. Ambient, Avant-garde, Field recording.

Vincent Glandier. Avant-garde, Experimental, Folk, Noise, Selecta. Avant-garde, Breaks, Dub, Selecta, Tribal. Avant-garde, Experimental, Selecta, Sound collage. Avant-garde, Gamelan, Selecta, Traditional. Jean-Philippe Guye. Avant-garde, Classical, Modern, Modern classical, Selecta. Ambient, Avant-garde, Electro, Folk, Selecta.

Maxime Bisson. Confessions FM. Avant-garde, Experimental, Fusion, New-age, Selecta. June Records. Avant-garde, Early electronic, Experimental, Selecta.

June Records is back for a new season, here with a tribute to the works of female artists who contributed to the early electronic music movements, featuring Beatriz Ferreyra, Laurie Spiegel, Delia Derbyshire, Teresa Rampazzi, Ursula Bogner, Suzanne Ciani and more. Avant-garde, Noise, Tribal. Elen Huynh. Choses Contraires.

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Avant-garde, New-age, Pop, Spoken word. Avant-garde, Early electronics, Experimental, Musique concrete, Selecta. Avant-garde, Electronic, Field recording. Lieven Martens. Avant-garde, Folklore, Gamelan, New-age, Traditional.


Jan Jelinek. Avant-garde, Dub, Early electronics, Selecta, Tribal. Avant-garde, Drone, Modern classical, Noise, Selecta. Ambient, Avant-garde, Contemporary, Fourth world, Leftfield. Radio Rituel. Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Modern classical. Avant-garde, New-age, Percussion, Tribal. Avant-garde, Contemporary, Electronic, Experimental, Spoken word.

Continuo Docs R. Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Field recording, Musique concrete.

Deux Pieds sur Terre / Stick To Ground

Gute Fahrt. Avant-garde, Electro, Synth-wave. Avant-garde, Electro, Post-punk.

Michel Banabila.